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Lilian Lee Hoffmann, my incredible Zumba Friend from Malaysia!

Hello all you Zumba Lovers. I will like to introduce this special friend. Zumba Friend. This is my second interview. I hope you like it. I just can tell you that the Zumba Community is very big and is spread around the world. We all are very different, from nationality, language, etc., but we share the same: the passion for Zumba. Hope you like it. And watch out, maybe you are the next in this blog!!!

I met Lilian Lee Hoffmann at the Scandinavian Zumba Party, in Lyngen, Denmark four years ago. We were waiting for the bus to this city. We were sitting together and then we met another Zumbafriend, Sandra.

We spent the whole day dancing together. Since this day we have stayed in contact through Facebook.

She is Zumba trainer since 6 years. She was born in Malaysia. Now she lives in Germany. She has an intercultural family like myself. I am so happy I met her. This is very special if you like Zumba. We all Zumba lovers from around the world share this passion and also we find what we have in…
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If you try not to do anything more, and just to sit, then nothing will happen!

30 years ago, Rosemarie Moeschlin, would have never imagined that she is dancing Zumba in the Joggeli Fitness Center twice a week.

A wrong move, and she hurt her back (which was already sensible) and had to go to the hospital. The diagnosis was terrible, the doctors recommended a surgery and warned that she might be living in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

I have got to know Rosemarie in Basel, Switzerland. We are going together to the Zumba class. I admire her because she is the only retired person in our dance classes. But she is not a usual retired woman. Her body had 3 surgeries already. But that does not prevent her from enjoying the latin dances.
„I could neither get up, nor walk or even go to the bathroom alone“, she remembers the day that left a big mark in her live. But I did not want surgery. I began to look for other options and I found a Therapy centre in Basel, where I started excercises to strengthen my back. I have been 3 weeks in bed before I began the therapy.